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Since 1994, Vigidas Pack has been a highly successful operation in Lithuania. As the leading manufacturer of modern wood packaging in the country, we specialize in producing pallets, pallet collars, construction timber, and more. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the wide range of sizes, styles, and finishes we offer, ensuring that our products meet your precise requirements. At the core of our company values lie expertise and high standards of wood quality.


With a diverse range of products made from various materials, we can provide customized solutions tailored to individual needs. The strategic location of our Vigidas Pack sawmill in close proximity to raw materials guarantees a stable and reliable resource supply, making us a trusted long-term partner for our customers. We serve clients across Europe, spanning a wide range of sectors. As a company, Vigidas Pack strives to expand its reputation as a top-quality supplier of products and services.


All our wood products undergo careful selection and processing using advanced technology and environmentally friendly practices. We strongly believe in responsible forestry and manufacturing methods that contribute to the well-being of our planet, and we take this responsibility seriously. Through our network of production facilities and extensive product range, we offer our customers comprehensive logistics solutions. Thanks to efficient processes and our strategically located facilities, we can provide fast and dependable service, meeting the demands of our customers.


Here is a breakdown of our monthly production:


  • 100,000 EUR/EPAL pallets
  • 30,000 non-standard pallets
  • 5,000 cubic meters of pallet timber
  • 10,000 cubic meters of construction timber
  • 10,000 cubic meters of planed timber


Our company operates on a land area of 7 hectares, with manufacturing facilities covering 4,000 square meters. With our own transportation capabilities, we guarantee timely deliveries to our customers. Additionally, we handle the pickup of raw materials from our suppliers ourselves, allowing us to provide transportation services as well.


We proudly supply an extensive range of high-quality rough sawn, structural, and planed timber to various industrial sectors, merchants, retailers, and wholesalers. Our portfolio includes a wide variety of dimensions, which can be precisely cut and planed to meet your specifications. We consistently deliver top-notch whitewood and redwood products in various grades, ensuring quality and reliability.

Wood products :

We offer a diverse selection of high-quality rough sawn, structural, and planed timber to cater to industrial sectors, merchants, retailers, and wholesalers. Our range includes various dimensions that can be precisely cut and planed with accurate size tolerances, ensuring they meet your specific requirements. We maintain consistent quality across different grades of whitewood and redwood products.

Our sawn and planed wood can be used for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Infrastructure Construction: Our timber is ideal for structural components in buildings, bridges, and other infrastructure projects.

  • Joinery: Whether it's crafting doors, windows, or custom furniture, our wood is well-suited for joinery applications, offering both strength and aesthetic appeal.

  • Frame and Truss: Our timber products provide excellent support and stability for frame and truss construction, ensuring durable and reliable structures.

  • Flooring: Create beautiful and durable flooring solutions with our high-quality wood, adding warmth and character to any space.

  • Garden Products: Enhance outdoor spaces with our timber, which can be used for garden furniture, decking, fencing, pergolas, and other garden structures.

  • Cladding and Decking: Our timber is suitable for exterior cladding, offering protection and enhancing the visual appeal of buildings. It can also be used for decking, creating functional and inviting outdoor living areas.

  • Packaging Wood: We provide reliable and sturdy wood for packaging purposes, ensuring the safe transportation of goods while maintaining product integrity.

treated board

We offer a comprehensive range of packaging and pallet solutions, including:

Epal pallet
  • EPAL pallets: Standardized and durable pallets that meet EPAL (European Pallet Association) specifications.
  • CP pallets: Pallets designed according to the Chemical and Plastic industry standards.
  • One-way pallets: Single-use pallets suitable for shipments where return logistics are not required.
  • Non-standard pallets: Customized pallets tailored to your specific requirements.


  • Pallet collars: Additional collar attachments for pallets, providing increased height and stability for stacked goods.
  • Lids: Protective covers or tops for pallets, ensuring the safety and security of packaged items.
  • Special packing: Tailored packaging solutions designed for unique or specific needs.
pallet collars

Whether you require standardized pallets, customized solutions, or additional packaging accessories, we have the expertise and products to meet your packing and pallet requirements.

At Vigidas Pack, we utilize wood biomass by-products for various purposes. Here are some details about the wood biomass products we offer:

Wood shavings: During the planing process of our dried wood products, we generate wood shavings. These shavings have a high dry matter content of approximately 85%. They are ideal for producing animal bedding in the agricultural sector. We specialize in compressed wood shavings that are thoroughly cleaned, free from dust, and packaged for consumer use. Our premium wood shavings for animal bedding are sold under the name of Royal Horse bedding.

Sawdust: The sawmills at Vigidas generate sawdust with a stable dry matter content of around 50%, with minimal variations. This sawdust serves as a valuable raw material for manufacturing fuel pellets and chipboards. Its consistent quality makes it highly suitable for power and thermal heat plants.

Sawmill chips: When round, de-barked logs are sawn, they primarily yield planks and boards. The remaining portion becomes sawmill chips with a dry matter content of approximately 45-50%. Vigidas utilizes 25% of these sawmill chips for the production of chipboards.

Bark: Before the sawing process, de-barking and root reduction take place. The dry matter content of the bark varies depending on the season, being lowest during autumn and winter. The bark is primarily supplied to power and thermal power stations. Additionally, we offer leftover bark that becomes detached during timber handling prior to sawing.


The certification guarantees that the timber has been sourced from responsibly managed forests that prioritize environmental conservation, social benefits, and economic viability. By choosing certified timber, we support the preservation of forests and the well-being of local communities.

Similarly, the certification ensures that the timber comes from forests managed in accordance with strict ecological, social, and ethical standards. This certification promotes sustainable forest management and the responsible sourcing of wood products.

By adhering  certificat standards, we offer our customers the assurance that the timber they purchase from us is derived from sustainable sources. We are committed to supporting environmentally friendly practices and contributing to the long-term health and preservation of our forests.







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